GOST R Certification

GOST R Certification

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The GOST certificate is the abbreviation of Gosstandard i.e. National Standard, a document attesting that a product conforms to Russian national standards (GOST R, GOST EN, GOST R IEC, GOST R ISO, ecc.). It may be obligatory or voluntary.

GOST is the Russian word for “norm”, and R stands for Russia. For most products, certification is needed if you wish to sell them in Russia. The main products concerned are materials in contact with food and human beings; industrial equipment for food, chemical, oil & gas, construction and other industries; mechanical and electrical goods. Also concerned are consumer products such as foodstuffs, textiles and clothes, cosmetics and perfumery, domestic goods and toys. The certificate can be valid for a one-time-only shipment or for a period of 1 or 3 years.


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GOST R Certification in Patna-GOST R Certification consultant in Patna-GOST R Consultant in Bihar-Call us at +91-85400-99000, +91-85400-85000, +91-85400-78000 for getting GOST R certification for your company or Business in Bihar